Our Services

If you are looking for your next yacht, Ventura Yachts will listen to your individual requirements, and guide you in the right direction to make the best choice.  As representetives for the Ferretti Group, Ventura Yachts can offer you widest range of yachts to ensure that your specific boating requirements are fulfilled. Recognised as the leaders in the industry any yacht from the Ferretti Group will be of the highest level with regard to build quality, finish, navigation, and style.  If you are more interesed in sailing, Ventura Yachts can also offer top quality sailing yachts from Advanced Yachts.  Ventura Yachts also have listed many excellent opportunities of pre-owned yachts and with it’s world wide network of associated yacht brokers can guide you to finding the right option.

Whatever your choice, Ventura Yachts will be able to assist you for the complete purchasing process  – through contracts, finance, registrations, and any other element throughout the process.

If you are looking to sell your yacht, Ventura Yachts are able to market it in the most effective  way, reaching out to many markets in order to maximise the opportunities in achieving a successful sale.

The after sales and service department of Ventura Yachts will help you in all aspects of servicing and maintenance.  What ever requirements you may have, Ventura Yachts will make sure you are looked after in your home port, or whilst navigating further afield.  They can also help you with the management of your yacht.

If you are thinking of chartering a yacht, contact Ventura Yachts to discuss different options in different cruising areas.

As an associate of “The Yacht Concierge” Ventura Yachts are able to discuss with you the numerous advantages of joining this elite club where membership gives you access to Europe’s foremost concierge provider and numerous financial advantages which often result in substantial financial rebates that easily cover the membership fee.