Advanced Yachts

Ventura Yachts are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with Advanced Yachts.

Advanced Yachts is a young Italian performance yacht company, drawing on years of sailing and commercial experience to produce high quality, high performance, sailing yachts.  Their semi-custom production enables you to make personal decisions on many aspects of the design, to meet your own needs and expectations, in essence, to realise your dream.

As representatives in both Spain and the UK, Ventura Yachts are delighted to be working with such a dedicated team of professionals.



Performance – a result of using the best materials and production techniques.

The new Advanced Yachts A66 incorporates a high performance hull, combined with the latest generation waterlines to guarantee speed, performance and comfort, even in light winds.  Advanced Yachts’ production process uses the latest manufacturing techniques and market leading materials to obtain the very best results – vacuum-infused epoxy resins are combined with fiberglass and carbon reinforcements to guarantee optimal results in terms of weight, stiffness, performance and longevity.



Natural light and beauty – everything you would expect from a “villa on the sea”.

The renowned yacht designers, Reichel and Pugh, and Nauta Design, have developed the A66 in accordance with Advanced Yachts own philosophy.  This combination of market leading expertise has enabled a yacht with stunning performance, undeniable beauty and outstanding ease of handling to be naturally developed.  The deck layout has been critically studied to ensure extreme comfort onboard, with a large, relaxing cockpit and special attention given to free movement fore and aft.  The raised deck salon and latest generation hull form have created interior volumes that you would only find on a much larger yacht.  This design strategy has enabled the interior to benefit from huge amounts of natural light, allowing unbelievable visibility from the lower deck, whilst experienced craftsmen have used the very highest quality fabrics and materials to create an incredibly conducive environment within which to relax.


Please contact Ventura for more information on the Advanced Yachts model range and to book your test sail, or click here to see more about Advanced Yachts.