Custom Line

An extension of the Ferretti Yachts brand, Custom Line produce yachts from 26m to 34m, both planning and semi-displacement.  As the name suggests, Custom Line give the. Client the opportunity to customise the yacht more to their personality.

As with all the other brands with in the Ferretti Group, a huge amount of investment goes into research, development and design of each yacht, to produce the best results.

Each yacht is superbly equipped.  Each yacht carries ARG (Anti Rolling Gyroscope) stabilizers as standard, to provide you and your guests with the best comfort aboard possible.  Touch screen control panels are used to bring the control and management of the yacht systems easily to hand.  Many more equipment and systems are installed aboard, please contact Ventura Yachts for more details.

Click on any of the Custom Line yachts below to see details and specifications for each model: